COLBY CAMPBELL | Photography

“My name is Colby Campbell. I never thought I would become a photographer. But, over the course of many years of making music and training to be an educator, I developed a love for storytelling and for connecting with people - which led me here: the perfect blend of my skills and passions.

My niche in photography lies in capturing those open, unguarded emotions. Nothing thrills me like pulling the shutter on a moment of school pride, raw tension, pure joy or palpable love. 

When I'm feeling nostalgic, I quickly turn to photos of some of my favorite moments in my life. I am drawn to photography because of its innate ability to recall the intense feelings of love, tension, contentment, and excitement that we so rarely get to experience.”



“Others read. I write.”

“I've held a number of different titles, but there is one I keep coming back to: writer. I've been writing since I first put pencil to paper (although I favor a keyboard and a monitor these days). Everywhere I’ve worked from college up until now, I’ve been fortunate enough to utilize my talent for writing and passion for storytelling to craft compelling content for a variety of different channels.”

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IAN GOLDSMITH | Actor/Multimedia

“Welcome to my world! My name is Ian.  Creating and entertaining is my passion and profession (not necessarily in that order).

This website is an all-encompassing portfolio designed for prospective clients, casting directors, general audiences, die-hard fans (of me, I mean, not the Bruce Willis movie), and my future kids so they can see all the goofy stuff I did when I was younger.

You are welcome to find exactly what you came here for, but I invite you to take off your coat and explore awhile. Or keep your coat on, whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
Either way, feel free to say hello and please enjoy!”